Series 2

Minting Closed - 365 NFTs minted in total

You can still however purchase Series 2 NFTs on the secondary market. This link will take you to what is available on




Each NFT in Series 2 starts its life as a Series 1 image, from which it is "fractalized" and distorted into a new, unique shape!


Some new colour combinations have been added however to spice things up and to contrast well with the black background we have this time.

Like in Series 1, every image in Series 2 is completely unique and not only exhibits part of the original infinitely changing pattern, but also is a fractal, which itself has the property of being able to go on for infinity!

No algorithmic "randomness" is used in the production of the images, each piece is created individually.


Series 2 takes the original Series 1 images                                                                  To This

        and transforms them from this                                                                                   

As you may have heard me say before, I am not a big fan of "rarity stats" as I feel they only create a kind of superficial value, that doesn't really have any substance behind it. I much prefer the value of my work to come from how the pieces make people feel when they look at them. 

I got so many questions however about rarity after Series 1, I thought that this time round I would give you just a hint of what to look for. There will still be no official rarity stats published, just the hint below.

Although all 365 are unique and could be categorized in a number of different ways, the images with a full colour background (no black) are perhaps the most distinctive and are certainly relatively rare.

                                LIKE THIS ONE


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