The Original Series

SOLD OUT on launch day (16th Sept 2021)

1000 unique NFT'S in total.

Available to buy on secondary market. Click link below to go to see what's available on



This was the original series of NFT's created by Infinity Visualized and is from where the project gets its name.

Each of the 1000 unique NFT images is created from an infinitely changing pattern made from just 2 different shapes. These 2 shapes can be put together in infinitely different ways, leaving no gaps. So if you were able to view the pattern in its entirety, there would be no way of telling which part was which as you explore it with your eye, as its progression is completely random and never-ending; therefore is a very tangible way of Visualizing Infinity.

The pattern was first discovered by a mathematician called Roger Penrose in the 1970's from which the pattern gets its name "Penrose Tiling".

There are over 70 different colour combinations in the collection and each image shows a different part of the pattern or from a different resolution, ensuring that each NFT is truly unique.


The 2 different rhombus shapes that make up our pattern have very specific angles. If they didn't have these angles, they could not create this never-ending pattern.