When can I buy? 
I am currently creating new 1 of 1 pieces sporadically that can be viewed/purchased via the "Eternal Offerings page of this website.

Series 1,2 and 3 have all now SOLD OUT but are still available to buy on the secondary market. The links below will take you to everything that is currently available on jpg.store and CNFT.io.

Is there a list of the different rarities of the NFT's?

There were no published rarity stats for Series 1 as I did not want this project to be defined by pre-decided values like rarity of colour or resolution etc. I want the value to come from the ones that you, as an individual find most beautiful/interesting.

For Series 2 however, after having a lot of people ask about rarity for Series 1, I will be disclosing some hints on rarity, but exact numbers won't be given. See "Series 2" page for details.

Series 3 and Eternal Offerings are all unique pieces with no rarity stats.


How do you create the images?

I use a variety of different types of software, some specifically designed for certain purposes (like the Penrose Tiling Generator I used for Series 1) along with more general image/video editing software and basic drawing/painting software for freehand work. I also use photography in some of my work. Some heavily edited and some not at all.

I use these methods to create all of the images and videos in my NFT's individually. No AI or random generation is used. Each piece is created individually by me.


Do you plan to mint any more of the initial 1000 produced already for Series 1?
No, there will only ever be 1000 NFT's for Series 1 and 365 for Series 2 and 100 for Series 3. The Policy ID's will never be used again, and closed shortly after the sale so that they can't be.
Eternal Offerings is an ongoing collection, so there is no set number that will be released, though it may well come to an end one day and the Policy ID locked.

Is your project verified on NFT marketplaces?
All of our NFT's are verified on jpg.store, cnft.io, artifct.app and tokhun.io.